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Full Made in Britain Marked Manufacturing, in-house design and manufacturing of equipment to the Aviation and Logistics industries.

Baggage Trailers (Aerotrailer)

Coach built Airport Baggage Trailers, offered bespoke or standard with OSI12 safety included and a 1-hour site build specification for ease of transport

Truck Docks

Ranging in capacity from 1500kg to 7000kg, we are able to manufacture Truck Docks independently or as part of a full Cargo Handling System

Stillages and Cassettes

Conforming to the IATA AHM, Aerotech build Cassettes and Stillages for storing ULD’s whilst awaiting use at CH and FF facilities.

Slave Pallets

Available in all formats, we build slave pallets in configurations of: 4-way, 2-way, Slave master compatible, roller, castor or BTU tops. 


Utilising our guillotine and machinery in our facilities, we manufacture barriers in any strength and length to protect your assets and people

Custom works

With decades of experience, we have manufactured Engine Stands, Gantry Crane frames, MOD Stills and much more. Try Aerotech for any project

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